Summer treats: picnic chicken


You will need:
Cooked chicken: I had half chicken.
Cooked cauliflower: half of the quantify of the chicken
1 tbsp fat free fromaige frais
2 tbsp oat bran
Season: coriander,garlic salt, paprika,pepper and salt to taste. Since it’s all cooked you can try the dough before the oven.. Sometimes I add mustard, other times dukan essences like cheese, bacon etc

In a food processor, mix all until a homogenous dough.

Pre heat the oven 200C

Roll the dough into balls. Because I’m phase 4 I added sesame seeds, you can use wheat bran or chia seeds ( tolerated – recent addition on the dukan forums)


Bake for 30 min, turning half way. Delicious … Do tell me if you tried


Life after phase 3


So, it’s quiet over here. It’s because I been eating pretty much like a normal (healthy) person. I forget to think on what I’m eating so much that I don’t even think about recipes and recording what I eat. The introduction of fruit was highly anticipated. I looove fruits and I missed them daily during phase 1 &2 so much more than bread or chocolate. I consume them mostly in the morning with my green juices. After getting a nutri bullet freshly made smoothies make most of breakfast.

Eating brown rice or pasta is not always on my menu. If I go out with friends I don’t say I cannot eat because isn’t part of my allowed diet. I just eat it. Without guilt.

Every day I eat huge bows of salad. Fill me up before I eat anything else. That’s being a good strategy for me. Eat as much as I want of salad and anything else after.

I haven’t done a full PP day over 6 months. The result? My weight settled over what the site said I should be. Even when I eat pizza, cake, biscuits, drink, after a few days eating normally settles my weight back to what it thinks it’s the norm.

Fyr, the dukan calculator said I need to be 70kls. I finished phase 3 with 68kl and now I vary 70kl-71kl.

Do I eat phase 1or 2 recipes now? Mainly no, but the principle of dukan eating is kept. I don’t drink ready made juices , smoothies. I don’t add sugar to anything I make. I don’t add salt, oil etc.

At home my food choices are mainly heathy by the cooking methods. Out, I make choices based on what I feel like trying. Sometimes is similar to dukan, others not. I forget to rationalise food.

I know so many dukanians that are so scared they never allow themselves out after phase 4. I believe that’s dangerous. I see many just adding more tolerated. What do you think?

Brazilian style chicken pie

I have adapted this recipe from traditional Brazilian chicken pies where you add all the ingredients from the dough in a mixer . Make different flavours fillings depending if you are on PV or PP


WHAT YOU NEED for Dough:

2 tbsp wheat flour
2 eggs
2 tbsp heaped skimmed soya milk powder
1 tbsp oatmeal flour
2 tbsp oat bran
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp skimmer milk, a little more if too dry. The texture should be wet but cover the back of a spoon.


Mix all the the ingredients well and pour over the ready cooked filling.

For Pure protein days : Seasoned flaked cooked chicken + 2 tbsp of cottage cheese or quark ( requeijao light is the Brazilian fat free cheese)

Bake till firm about 25 min on pre heated oven 180C


Quick biscuit from attach phase



One egg
1 tbsp oat bran
1tbsp wheat bran
1 tbsp skimmed milk powder (note: this item is allowed normally on the Brazilian book version of dukan. The UK books this item is a tolerated)
2 tsp sweetener
3 tbsp of skimmed milk
10 drops of essence of your choice. I used dark chocolate and added a pinch of cocoa powder too
1 tsp baking powder


Mix well all ingredients, folding the baking power last. Bake for 10 to 15minutes on a pre heated oven 180c


My lunch: oat bran galette, baked salmon & grill prawns

Hey friends

As my holiday is approaching I’m trying to up a notch on the heathy factor. Making enough from dinner allows me to have something easy to make for lunch.


Using dukan galette recipe for attack for my base. Using two egg whites instead of one egg gave two pancakes.

Used left over baked salmon and grilled prawns. The pancake have been spread with 1 tsp tolerated lightest cream cheese.

I grated some pickled gherkins for seasoning

To drink a humongous cup of green tea


Good morning oat bran porridge

Today I have a great tip to make your morning oat bran porridge nice and creamy, thick without use of any tolerated.


In a bow add your daily amount of oat bran. I added one tbsp. Cover plus one 1 cm over with skimmed milk. I actually trying to cut dairy so I used unsweetened almond milk. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight.

Next day make your porridge as normal, on a pan with medium heat. I added a slash of milk, 1 tsp cinnamon. I leave the sweetener for after heating.

Yummm yummm