Life after phase 3


So, it’s quiet over here. It’s because I been eating pretty much like a normal (healthy) person. I forget to think on what I’m eating so much that I don’t even think about recipes and recording what I eat. The introduction of fruit was highly anticipated. I looove fruits and I missed them daily during phase 1 &2 so much more than bread or chocolate. I consume them mostly in the morning with my green juices. After getting a nutri bullet freshly made smoothies make most of breakfast.

Eating brown rice or pasta is not always on my menu. If I go out with friends I don’t say I cannot eat because isn’t part of my allowed diet. I just eat it. Without guilt.

Every day I eat huge bows of salad. Fill me up before I eat anything else. That’s being a good strategy for me. Eat as much as I want of salad and anything else after.

I haven’t done a full PP day over 6 months. The result? My weight settled over what the site said I should be. Even when I eat pizza, cake, biscuits, drink, after a few days eating normally settles my weight back to what it thinks it’s the norm.

Fyr, the dukan calculator said I need to be 70kls. I finished phase 3 with 68kl and now I vary 70kl-71kl.

Do I eat phase 1or 2 recipes now? Mainly no, but the principle of dukan eating is kept. I don’t drink ready made juices , smoothies. I don’t add sugar to anything I make. I don’t add salt, oil etc.

At home my food choices are mainly heathy by the cooking methods. Out, I make choices based on what I feel like trying. Sometimes is similar to dukan, others not. I forget to rationalise food.

I know so many dukanians that are so scared they never allow themselves out after phase 4. I believe that’s dangerous. I see many just adding more tolerated. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Life after phase 3

  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether you can use a Nutribullet whilst on The Dukan Diet?

    I really hope you can as I’m starting to miss my morning smoothie!



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